Learn Ruby The Hard Way

Learn Ruby The Hard Way

Do you really want to learn programming but have no skill? Are you a system administrator who wants to learn Puppet or Chef? Are you a designer who wants to build your own websites? Are you a Ruby on Rails programmer who's ashamed that you don't really know Ruby? Then you should read this book. It assumes absolutely no prior programming knowledge and will guide you carefully and slowly through the learning process.

Learn Ruby The Hard Way is a retelling of the original "Learn Python The Hard Way" teaching Ruby, with all new simple yet idiomatic Ruby code written by Zed A. Shaw. "Learn Python The Hard Way" has taught hundreds of thousands worldwide how to code in Python, and this book uses the same proven method for Ruby. When you are done with this book you will have the skill to move on to other books about Ruby and be ready to understand them.

Buy It Now!

You can buy it in Paperback or Digital at InformIT.

Read The Free HTML

The book is free to read online because I want to create as many programmers as possible. I'd appreciate if you bought a copy to support writing more books, but feel free to read the read the free book online in HTML format.

Getting Help

If you find bugs or just need help please email help@learncodethehardway.org and we'll help you figure it out. I'll also help you if you have problems purchasing or lost your copy of the book.

Order 3rd Edition

You can now order Learn Ruby The Hard Way, 3rd Edition for $29.95 and also from Amazon as Paperback+DVD. Pre-orders from me get you the content and the videos now, but with potential bugs and edits to come. Paperback soon to come in October.

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